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High roping

You will enjoy an unforgettable day climbing with a harness, overcoming different obstacles, walking on the heights and enjoying a new experience.

3-4 h English - Spanish Prague

If you are active and modern person and dynamic style of life circulates through your veins, but also you admire history, architectonic and culture, this type of excursion is made just for you.

3h50 Spanish Berlin

Guided tour of Vienna by bike

3h English - German Vienna

What a more relaxed way to enjoy Prague than riding a bike, having your own guide entirely at your disposition, seeing the wonderful places and drinking good beer?

2h30m English - Spanish - Portuguese Prague

We assure that you will become addicted to the adrenaline after the first jump and that you will want to jump repeatedly. This jump has a height of 36m.

5 h (including transfer time) English - Spanish Harrachov mountains (120min from the center of Prague)

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Quad biking

If you like challenges, mud, jumps and speed, this quads experience is made for you.

3h English - Spanish Prague

Fly over high-altitude emblematic landmarks of Prague from the comfort of a light plane.

2h English - Spanish Prague (Letnany air club)

If you’re looking for fun and adrenaline, look no further than the Bobsleigh Track! The track has jumps, loops and other attractions. The speed of the car depends on your choice.

2h30m (incluying transfer time) English - Spanish Prague

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Horse riding

It is a sport for the whole family, in which besides having fun with jumps and obstacles, it will provide you with a great psychological and physical benefit.

2 h (including transfer time) English - Spanish Prague

What better way to get to know something new than to experience in your own skin what it feels like to shoot a Kalashnikov?

3-4h English - Spanish Prague

Have you always dreamed of jumping on a parachute but you’re scared? Would you like to try the feeling of flying? This will be your best experience.

2h30m English - Spanish Prague

If you want to live an intense experience, full of adrenaline and unforgettable emotions, then the tandem parachute jump is for you.

5h English - Spanish Most airport (75 min from the centre of Prague)