Berlin by bike

If you are active and modern person and dynamic style of life circulates through your veins, but also you admire history, architectonic and culture, this type of excursion is made just for you.


  • Duration:
  • 3h50
  • Language:
  • Spanish
  • Location:
  • Berlin


– Guide

– Bicycle rental

Not Included

Berlin is ideal for visiting by bike: there are no slopes, many bike paths and areas with a little traffic. Every 100 meters we will stop and talk about the monuments, so you can not worry about exhaustion. Instead, we save some time: we will go to all historical and cultural interesting points, to the biggest park of Berlin, Tiergarten, and we cycle along the river Spree. Feel the experience of living as Berliners riding cruiser bikes (comfortable seating, large wheels and steering wheels, funny ringtones, racks or baskets …).

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