Customized Tour: Vysehrad and neighbourhoods of Prague 1-7 pax

What better way to discover Prague’s neglected neighborhoods than by touring with a private guide Vyšehrad Hill, one of the most important walled areas of Prague?


  • Duration:
  • 3h
  • Language:
  • English - Spanish
  • Location:
  • Prague


– One hour transportation

– Guide

– Pick up at the hotel

Not Included

– Tickets

As we approach the fortress of Vyšehrad we will know the stories of this place. One of them is about Princess Libuše, founder of Prague in the eighth century according to legend. We will contemplate his sculpture in the Vyšehrad park, one of the most picturesque green areas of the Czech capital.
Next to this park we will visit the funerary sculptures of the Vyšehrad cemetery. In him illustrious Czech characters rest as the musician Antonín Dvorak. The cemetery is flanked on one side by the Slavín. In this funeral monument rest the remains of relevant personalities such as the painter Alfons Mucha.
Then we will pass by the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo, in neo-Gothic style. Its proximity is an excellent viewpoint on the Vltava river. Going down the hill where the church is, we will approach the cubist houses of Villa Kovarovic, whose architecture revolutionized the urban landscape of Prague.

Pick up in the hotel or where client indicates.

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