Visit in private third reich and second world war 1-7 pax

Deep dive into the historical events and the core of second world war – the era of nazism with our highly knowledgeable and professional guide. See the places that shaped history and face of Germany in that time. Private tour guarantee you best and individual experience, if you are family or small group of friends.


  • Duration:
  • 2h
  • Language:
  • English - Spanish - German
  • Location:
  • Munich


– Service of local guide

– Pick up in the hotel and transport to the city center of max. 1 hour, rest of the tour is walking, tour ends in the city center

Not Included

– Tickets

During the tour you will visit the original locations of the fateful story for all events since the founding of the political party, the coup attempt, the burning of books of Goebbels, the exhibition of “degenerate art” or “Kristallnacht“ in addition to the great speeches of Hitler.

During the visit we will go into the courthouse and other buildings used by the Nazis to consolidate their power, such as the Haus der Kunst or House of Art and the building of the Office of the Führer.

While we analyze the true meaning of Nazism we will know the monuments dedicated to the resistance and victims of war and finish the tour inside the university where the Scholl siblings were discovered while throwing their leaflets clandestinely.

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