Venice of Prague

Cruise through the canals of Prague – the famous Prague Venice, with this tour that includes admission to the Charles Bridge Museum.


  • Duration:
  • 45m
  • Language:
  • Audio-guide in Spanish - English - Portuguese and other languages
  • Location:
  • Prague


– Boat ride 45min.

– Drinks (soft dinks, beer, coffe, hot wine)

– Snack (ginger bread or ice-cream, desert)

– Ticket to Charles bridge’s museum

– Audio guide

Not Included

Enjoy this wonderful ride through the canals of Prague, where the Charles Bridge is built. Not even many people in Prague know about these channels, their stories and legends.
The walk is quiet romantic, because it crosses old sites of the “poor Prague”, that we can observe from the level of the Vltava river and its artificial branch that is called Čertovka. This 45 min. They will remain in your memory, not only for seeing the Charles Bridge at “fish view”, listening to the tights and romantic legends, while you try some drink (beer, hot wine, soft drinks …), a snack and you will have the ease of comments in your language, while you will see unforgettable channels and buildings. Our ride through the basement of the Old Town and Mala Strana will end with a visit to the Charles Bridge Museum (entrance included). After this wonderful walk you will climb to the Charles Bridge, inebriated with history and romance.

No pick up in the hotel.

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