Custom Tour: Communist Prague 1-7 pax

What better way to learn about Czech history than by accompanying our guide on this tour following in the footsteps of communism in Prague? Everything adjusted to suit you.


  • Duration:
  • 3h
  • Language:
  • English - Spanish
  • Location:
  • Prague


– One hour transportation

– Guide

– Pick up at the hotel

Not Included

– Tickets

After the German occupation during World War II, in 1945 the Third Republic of Czechoslovakia was born. We will know what the way of life was like in that difficult post-war era by visiting the surroundings of the old Czech parliament. As we move forward on our route we will learn how Moscow was increasingly influencing Prague. We will also pass next to the current headquarters of the Czech Communist Party, which is still running for the elections.
We will get to know other state buildings of the communist period and then get into the history of the Prague Spring. Thus a stage of 1968 is known in which the city was invaded by Moscow and its allies of the Warsaw Pact. The cause? The attempt of political opening of President Dubcek. We will visit the most significant places of this event, a milestone marked in the history of the twentieth century. At that time, the tension between the communist and capitalist bloc was maximum. We will have the opportunity to check it with a visit to a bunker, a symbol of the panic that existed in a nuclear attack during the Cold War.
Finally we will approach the most emblematic scenarios of the Velvet Revolution, a movement that in the early 1990s allowed the peaceful separation of Czechoslovakia: on the one hand, the Czech Republic; on the other hand, the Slovak Republic.

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