Sounds of Vienna cat. VIP with dinner

Classical music concert at Kursalon VIP category with three-course dinner.


  • Duration:
  • 1h45
  • Language:
  • Location:
  • Vienna


– Classical music concert

– Brochure with the program

– Three-course dinner

Not Included

– Transfert in/out

– Drinks

The “Salonorcherster Alt Wien”, one of the most famous performers of Viennese classical music, offers a unique and inimitable show, based on the most beautiful compositions of the waltz king Johann Strauss and the primary representative of Viennese classical music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The most talented musicians, excellent opera singers and enchanting ballet dancers, will present an evening full of Viennese gallantry, with the most delicate sounds of waltz, polka and operetta melodies of a high artistic level. After the concert is lowered to the exclusive restaurant in Kursalon to enjoy a three course meal.

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