Old Town and Jewish Quarter in private 1-7 pax

What better way to learn about the history of the Jews and see the iconic points of the Jewish Quarter and the Old Town than by having your own specialized guide at your disposition?


  • Duration:
  • 2h30m
  • Language:
  • English - Spanish - German - Russian
  • Location:
  • Prague


– Service of local guide

– Pick up in the hotel and transport to the city center of max. 1hour

– Rest of the tour is walking

– Tour ends in the city center

Not Included

–  Tickets

– Transfer out

Do not miss one of Prague’s jewels: The Jewish Quarter, its synagogues and its historic cemetery. Founded in the 10 th century, the Jewish quarter after suffering a pogrom became the first walled ghetto. In the thirteenth century would be built what is now the oldest synagogue conserved and three centuries later would begin its period of greatest prosperity under the government of Mayor Maisel. From the 15 th to the 18 th century, the cemetery was used, where more than 60,000 tombs are conserved. In 19 th century would be renamed like Josefov and in the 20 th century would be saved of the Nazi occupation because these wanted to turn it into a museum of “the race disappeared”.

Pick up in the hotel or where client indicates.

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