Museum Island in private 1-7 pax

The private tour fits best to your needs, if you are family or small group of friends and guarantee you best and individual experience. History and art together in one place. On this professional guided tour with our knowledgeable guide you will visit an island, which is so called for the complex of five internationally significant museums.


  • Duration:
  • 3h
  • Language:
  • English - Spanish - Portuguese - German - French - Italian
  • Location:
  • Berlin


– Guide

– Transfer in

– Tour ends in the city center

Not Included

– Transfer out

– Tickets

It is known with the name of ‘the island of museums in Berlin’ the northern of the Spree River Island, and, also, to the great and unusual artistic ensemble composed of five world-class museums. Since 1999, the island Museums belong to the human heritage of UNESCO because of its architectural and culture complex unique in the world. To the South of the island, near to the bridge of Schlossbrücke and to the Cathedral of Berlin, is the old Museum (Altes Museum), in front the one that the Lustgarten Park extends. To the North are connected the new Museum (Neues Museum) and the old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie). By the side of the Kupfergraben canal stands the Pergamon museum (Pergamonmuseum), and closing the set, the Bode Museum (Bode-Museum).

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