Medieval Banquet

What better way to spend an unforgettable night than enjoying a medieval dinner with a show included in an underground tavern in Prague?


  • Duration:
  • 2h30m
  • Language:
  • No language
  • Location:
  • Prague


– 5 course dinner and drinks without limit (beer, vine, non-alcoholic)

– Live show (3 course dinner for children)

Not Included

– Assistance

– Transport

Welcome to the Czech tavern, where you will be transported hundreds of years back in history to the Middle Ages. The originality and the rough atmosphere will involve you: There will be much to see, hear, enjoy and taste. The evening will be enlivened by jugglers, snake charmers, belly dancers, musicians, pirates and so on. There will be plenty of beer and wine, and even the food will be as in the Middle Ages. With a little luck, a fortune teller will let you know your future with a reading of your hand. The only deception of the evening will be the end of the show and return to the reality of the present.

No pick up in the hotel.

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