Marionette Theater

Let yourself go into Mozart’s time with a show in the form of an authentic 18th-century performance – the Don Giovanni opera at the National Marionette Theater.


  • Duration:
  • 2h (with pause)
  • Language:
  • No language
  • Location:
  • Prague


– Entrance fee

Not Included

– Transport

– Guide

Mozart created, especially for Prague, the most famous opera of all operas, Don Giovanni. He personally directed his premiere at the “Teatro de la Nobleza” in 1787. The National Marionette Theater today presents this extraordinary opera in the unparalleled version of the classic puppet theater, costumes and style of the time, with large puppets on the scene. This production is a compliment to Mozart’s time and surroundings, in the form of an authentic eighteenth-century function. The function is carried out in the unparalleled architectural space whose style is “art deco”, in the original Italian language. The function has a duration of 2 hours, including the pause.

No pick up in the hotel.

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