Leipzig tour

Leipzig, a city that grows in the extinct GDR, is well known as a university city, a musical city, a Trade Fair and a Peaceful Manifestation. With the guided tours of Leipzig, we will take you through all the most important places in this city and we will show you that in this city Heroicity and beauty go hand in hand.


  • Duration:
  • 2h
  • Language:
  • Spanish
  • Location:
  • Leipzig


– Certified local Spanish speaking guide

Not Included

– Transportation

– Tickets

From Augusto Square, a square so significant for the “Leipziger” we will begin our visit to the center of the city.

-The Augustus square and its bell tower, (outdoor)

-The opera of Leipzig, (outdoor)

-The Gewandhaus orchestra house, (outdoor)

-Fuente de Mende, (outdoor)

-The University of Leipzig, (indoor)

-The Paulinum, (indoor)

-The churches of San Nicolas and its patio, (inside if there is no cult or concert)

-The courtyard of Speck, (indoor)

-The old Stock Exchange of the city, (outdoor)

-The Mädler Gallery and the Restaurant Auerbachkeller, (indoor)

-The Market Square Marktplatz, (outdoor)

-The Church of Saint Thomas and the Bach Museum, (outdoor)

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